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Oita University Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Innovative Engineering, Architecture Course (Home Page)

Visiting Professor, Emeritus Professor, Honorary Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration

Academic Field

Engineering, Architectural Environment

Architectural Acoustics, Noise control Engineering

Member of Architectural Institute of Japan, The Acoustical Society of Japan, Ince-Japan, The Acoustical Society of America

Research Interests

Numerical analysis on architectural environment

Sound absorption measurement method

New measurement with particle velocity sensor

Recent Articles

  1. Otsuru, Toru, and Reiji Tomiku. "Basic characteristics and accuracy of acoustic element using spline function in finite element sound field analysis." Acoustical Science and Technology 21.2 (2000): 87-95.
  2. Takahashi, Yasuo, Toru Otsuru, and Reiji Tomiku. "In situ measurements of surface impedance and absorption coefficients of porous materials using two microphones and ambient noise." Applied Acoustics 66.7 (2005): 845-865.
  3. Otsuru, Toru, et al. "Ensemble averaged surface normal impedance of material using an in-situ technique: Preliminary study using boundary element method." The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 125.6 (2009): 3784-3791.
  4. Otsuru, Toru, et al. "Sound absorption deviation measured using pressure–velocity sensors by ensemble averaging technique under different relative humidity conditions." Applied Acoustics 122 (2017): 121-127.
  5. Sakamoto, Noriaki, et al. "Reproducibility of sound absorption and surface impedance of materials measured in a reverberation room using ensemble averaging technique with a pressure-velocity sensor and improved calibration." Applied Acoustics 142 (2018): 87-94.
  6. Sakamoto, Noriaki, et al. "Investigating the practicability of an ensemble averaging method for measuring sound absorption and surface normal impedance." Applied Acoustics 156 (2019): 166-175.
  7.  Lawanwadeekul, Siwat, et al. "Thermal-acoustic clay brick production with added charcoal for use in Thailand." Construction and Building Materials 255 (2020): 119376. etc. (Researchmap)


1977.3 Kyushu University, Faculty of Engineering

1979.3 Kyushu University, Graduate School of Engineering, Master's Degree

1982.6 Kyushu University, Graduate School of Engineering, Doctor's Course

1985.6 Dr. of Engineering(Kyushu University)

Academic Career

1982.7 Kyushu University, Research Associate

1990.4 Kyushu Kyoritsu University, Associate Professor

1991.4 Oita University, Associate Professor

1995~1996 Visiting Scholor at University of Kentucky, Hosted by Prof. A. F. Seybert

2001.4〜2020.3 Oita University, Professor

2020.4〜present Oita University, Visiting Professor, Emeritus Professor

EA method measurement
Snapshot of EA method measurement